Sunday, May 21, 2006

weekend 5 miler

Did not wake up on time today, so did the 5 miler myself. It was great. Started with warm up, stretches. Skipped the core, my stomach was not willing to go with the abs and crunches. But did the rest, including the lunges and squats.

Ran from Redback to Plumeria and back. Exactly 5 miles. Checked with the car last night.

Started the run a little slow and was felling ok, for a while. Then I guess something kicked in and I took off. Probably when I realized 5 miles isn't all that much. Especially after I crossed Tasman. :) Another interesting part in todays run was, it started pouring on the way back and it was the most awesome experience to run in the rain. Simply amazing. :)

Did the entire run in just over an hour. 1:02. 12 minutes a mile, not very proud of it, but was about 3 minutes slower than MTT (as it should be). :)

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