Sunday, May 14, 2006

First 4 miler - saturday long run

Ran 4 miles today. It was initially tough, because i) I reached late. and ii) just as I was starting, I saw Coach Tony Fong running back to the finish. Wheww!!

Felt super charged and it wasn't so difficult. Was it runner's high? I think I am going to spend a long time chasing it.

Frankly I think it is all those people running there and who you meet and talk to and say hi that keeps you going. It was an awesome run.

Now to the injuries. I think I got shin splints on my left leg and the knee on my right seems out of whack. Coach Fong says, it it ITB and my knee does not ride so smoothly on the groove and I need to stretch my ITB a lot more. Ok ITB it is!

And in case u did not already know, endorphins are the reason why you feel the pain later than during a run or a game.:)

Anyways will spend most of tomm icing and nursing it.

One big mistake, forgot to time myself, due to the late start, the time keeper was already running. Need to get my watch or reach there in time.

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